Lock-In Pay Application

LockIn Pay price:


I understand that I will receive the lower of the Lockin Pay price on the date of this agreement or the posted price of propane from Davenport Energy on the day of delivery through April 30, 2017.

I understand fully the terms including the following:

Why should I choose Lockin protection?

Typically, propane demand increases when its colder, causing the prices to rise too. Lockin protection provides a ceiling for propane prices. When you enroll in Lockin protection, Davenport Energy estimates your propane usage and then secures the gallons before the weather drives prices up. Your propane price will be capped at a rate determined by your local office - according to your usage history. If the market price falls below the cap price we'll bill you for the lower price!

When does the Lockin protection cap price expire?

The Lockin protection price expires April 30, 2018.

Do I have to sign up every year?

Each August, your plan will automatically renew! This is a new feature that will ensure that you receive the Lockin price EVERY year. All you have to do is check in with your local office and see what the new price is for the year. We'll bill you for the fee. It's that simple!

What happens if my account is past due?

If your account is not kept current, you will be billed the current market rate for propane on all future deliveries. Your account balance must be zero in order to enroll in the program.

How much is the fee to enroll?

The fee to secure the cap price is $49.95. If you enroll in the Levelpay program at the same time the fee is only $39.95 (a $10.00 discount)!


I have read and agree to the terms listed above and the Davenport Terms and Conditions. I understand and agree that this application is being submitted electronically via the Davenport website at www.davenportenergy.com and that my typed name below shall constitute my signature on this application. My signature indicates that I agree to the Account Terms and Conditions as displayed online and recorded in this document. I understand that I will automatically receive a copy of this electronic application via email upon submission.

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