Level Pay Application

Plan Details

How does Levelpay work?

We total your fuel costs for the previous year and calculate an estimated usage and billing for the coming year. This total is divided into 11 equal or "level" installments. If you're new with us, we'll simply estimate your usage.

When is my first payment due?

Your first payment will be due in August. To take advantage of the lower monthly payments please sign-up by July 31st. Signing-up for the entire season allows you to make 11 equal payments, lowering your monthly installments.

What happens if I have a balance in July?

We'll notify you of any balance for the past year in July. A refund can be issued for a credit balance should you request one. If a refund isn't requested, the amount you've "overpaid" will go toward your estimated annual fuel cost for the upcoming year and rolled into your new Levelpay plan. If there's a balance owed, you'll be required to pay that amount by July 31st.

Do I have to sign up every year?

Each August, your plan will automatically renew for the next year unless you notify Davenport Energy to cancel the plan by August 31st. If for some reason your balance from the past year is not settled by July 31st, the plan will not be renewed until the balance is zero.

Will I receive a .05/gallon discount?

Yes, you will receive the .05/gallon discount at the settlement date and it will be applied to the account for gallons used during the agreement period. Discount applies to accounts that have maintained a current status during the entire agreement period.

Other Details of Levelpay:

You or Davenport Energy may cancel the plan at any time. If you cancel the plan, you must bring your balance up to date immediately. Davenport Energy reserves the right to increase or decrease the monthly installment amount because of usage and/or price. Your account must be on automatic fill and your balance must stay current the entire year. If your Levelpay payment is not paid within 30 days, you will be removed from the plan and you must bring the plan balance up to date immediately. Current finance charges apply to all overdue balances. To be eligible for Levelpay, you must have an established credit account on file with Davenport Energy.

YES! Please sign me up as a LevelPay customer! I fully understand and agree to the conditions of the plan outlined above. Please call me. I wish to have my checking account drafted or pay automatically each month with a major credit card.


I have read and agree to the terms listed above and the Davenport Terms and Conditions. I understand and agree that this application is being submitted electronically via the Davenport website at www.davenportenergy.com and that my typed name below shall constitute my signature on this application. My signature indicates that I agree to the Account Terms and Conditions as displayed online and recorded in this document. I understand that I will automatically receive a copy of this electronic application via email upon submission.

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