For My Business

edited_P3A3279Davenport Energy offers commercial service to:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Construction Companies
  • Government Facilities
  • Retail Locations

AND, many other types of businesses. We also understand that there are instances when larger volumes of product are needed. As a service company, we have the supply readily available to dispatch bulk deliveries. Davenport Energy is ready for YOU.

Propane for the Farm

Davenport Energy serves the agricultural community for uses including tobacco curing, and greenhouse and space heating needs. Propane has proven to be a clean alternative for farm use.

Davenport Energy uses numerous propane suppliers and storage facilities in order to ensure the availability of product.

Our skilled service technicians are on call 24/7 to provide support and assistance to our customers.

Please call one of our local offices for more information!


Consignment Services

Davenport Energy understands that for dealers, running the convenience store business can be costly up front. We are pleased to offer a consignment service that allows Davenport Energy to cover the cost of purchasing transport gasoline. In addition to covering these costs we also customize an agreement with the dealer that permits Davenport Energy to cover most of the maintenance costs of gasoline equipment. We have experienced and knowledgeable service staff on-call 24/7 should there be any equipment problems or questions.

Contact Davenport Energy to discuss your gasoline needs.



Davenport Energy’s Load-to-Load customers order transport loads of fuel. Davenport Energy has agreements with numerous suppliers to purchase product at the terminal. We are pleased to provide price competitve bid quotes as requested by the customer.

Please call our Chatham office for information on getting a daily quote!

Short Truck Deliveries

Short Truck deliveries are small deliveries of gasoline to customers that do not have a need or means of storage for large quantities of fuel. The convenience of this service is its benefit to customers that run convenience stores with small tanks or stores that are unable to provide tank access for the transportation companies. Davenport Energy is happy to dispatch drivers from our local offices to the customer location, after a quick fill at one of our convenient bulk plants. Davenport keeps inventory at bulk plants in order to service our customers in a timely manner.

Please call one of our office locations to receive a short-truck delivery quote!